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GP Recruitment

Training Options...

From August 2009 only full 3 year GP training programmes will be available.

ST1 - Entry to 1st year of 3 year training programme
Doctors completing foundation programme enter at this level (this is also referred to as "run-through" training).  The make up of these programmes can vary but all have to meet standards and content laid down by PMETB. Many programmes now include 18 months in a GP based post. Even if you have some experience in another specialty, an ST1 GP training programme can offer a broad mix of experience which is essential for general practice. It may even be possible to construct a training programme that doesn’t repeat specialties you have already done although there are no guarantees.

Clinical Academic Fellowship Training Programme...
Are you interested in research? Or Medical Education? Or Leadership? Then the Clinical Academic Fellowship GP training programme may be just the thing for you. 

Typically these programmes are 4 years in duration and 24 months of this is spent based in a general practice and/or academic or research activities.  Linked to high quality GP training programmes in Bristol, Cambridge, Keele, London, Manchester, Oxford and Southampton, these academic programmes integrate with your clinical training and provide a prestigious route to future academic posts.

Flexible (part-time) training...
Flexible training is also available for those who have deanery approval for flexible funding. You are advised to contact your local deanery for more information

Experienced Qualified GPs...
If you hold, or are eligible for a Certificate of Competence in General Practice from another EEA country, you do not legally require further training in general practice in the UK. 

If you are a qualified, experienced GP from overseas, you should apply to PMETB (www.pmetb.org.uk) under Article 11 for a CEGPR. 

Returning to General Practice?...
All deaneries welcome applications from doctors who are returning to general practice after a break and Directors of GP Education may be able to fund such doctors for a period of training as a GP Registrar.  You are advised to contact your local deanery for more information. 



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