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GP RecruitmentEqual Opportunities...

All deaneries are committed to ensuring that their selection procedures are subject to best equal opportunities practice and that no one is disadvantaged by ethnic background, gender, marital status, sexual orientation or age. Deanery equal opportunity processes are regularly monitored.

All appointments will  be made against national agreed person specifications.  Our selection methods are continuously evaluated and monitored.  Candidates should be able to demonstrate their commitment towards a career in General Practice.

Flexible Training...

All deaneries welcome applications from suitably qualified doctors who wish to train flexibly on a part-time basis.  The opportunity to train flexibly is available in all deaneries.  You should state your intention to work flexibly on your application form; this will NOT be seen by anyone assessing your application.

In order to work part-time during the hospital component of the training scheme, you will need to secure funding from the deanery prior to appointment.  You will usually need to make an appointment to see the Associate Dean who deals with flexible training in order to determine that you meet the criteria.  Available funding may be limited and approval for funding does not guarantee you a post.  In some deaneries there may even be a waiting list for such posts.

Working flexibly as a GP Registrar (ST3) in a practice is less problematic and does not require funding approval but will depend on the availability of a suitable training practice.

In both the hospital and GP component of the training programme, flexible trainees are required to work at least 50% of whole time equivalent and this must include two periods of full-time work each lasting not less than 1 week.

Overseas Doctors...

Deaneries welcome applications from suitable qualified doctors from overseas.

Overseas doctors are those who, regardless of where they obtained their primary medical qualification are not nationals of the European Economic Area (EEA).  The commonly do not have a right of indefinite residence in the UK or benefit from European Community rights.

Overseas doctors and dentists are able to come and train in the UK and are eligible to apply, in open competition for speciality GP training programmes provided all other eligibility criteria is met.  However, all training programmes including speciality GP training programmes are now considered employment for immigration purposes.  Work permits will only be issued where there is a specific post for the overseas doctor that cannot be filled be someone from the UK or EEA.  Currently, those who hold HSMP visa's and their dependants do not require a work permit.

Permit-free training arrangements will remain for non-EU nationals who have trained at UK medical schools so that they can undertake a foundation programme and acquire full UK GMC registration.

See our FAQ section for more information or contact NHS Careers www.nhscareers.nhs.uk on 0845 6060 655 for specific queries relating to your immigration status.

Further information regarding overseas doctors is available from:


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