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GP CareersEssential qualifications and personal qualities...

Pursuing a career in general practice involves a further three years of GP specialist training. For further details see The Training Programme. The end point of this training is the successful completion of nMRCGP and the issuing of a CCT by Postgraduate Medical Education and Training Board. (See www.pmetb.org.uk).


The personal qualities required to be a good GP include:

Ability to care about patients and their relatives
A commitment to providing high quality care
An awareness of one's own limitations
An ability to seek help when appropriate
Commitment to keeping up to date and improving quality of one's own performance
Appreciation of the value of team work
Clinical competence
Organisational ability

The personal skills assessed in the recruitment and selection process to measure the qualities outlined are:

  • Clinical Knowledge & Expertise: Capacity to apply sound clinical knowledge & awareness to full investigation of problems
  • Empathy & Sensitivity: Capacity & motivation to take in others’ perspectives & to treat others with understanding
  • Communication Skills: Capacity to adjust behaviour & language as appropriate to needs of differing situations
  • Conceptual Thinking & Problem Solving: Capacity to think beyond the obvious, with analytical and flexible mind
  • Coping with Pressure: Capacity to recognise own limitations and develop appropriate coping mechanisms
  • Organisation & Planning: Capacity to organise information/time effectively in a planned manner
  • Managing Others & Team Involvement: Capacity to work effectively in partnership with others



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