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Specialist training for general practice aims to produce doctors who, on completion of training will be able to provide personal and continuing care to individuals and families in the community. They will also have the management skills relative to primary care and be able to audit their work with a view to improving performance.

The training programme commences after Foundation Programme posts (or equivalent) are completed. The requirements for general practice training are laid in UK legislation. General practice specialist training consists of 36 months in approved posts. Ultimately all those in training will spend 18 months in a general practice environment, currently deaneries offer a mixture training post opportunities with between 12 and 18 months in general practice and the rest as hospital based training posts. The final 12 months of GP specialist training is always in a general practice post.

Entry into GP specialist training is competitive and involves 3 stages of application: on-line application, shortlisting using a written applied knowledge and situational judgement test, and, for Stage 3, an assessment centre process. All the stages require the applicant to meet the person specification for GP training and the essential competencies as outlined elsewhere on the recruitment website.

Hospital Specialist Trainee posts:
The hospital ST 1 or 2 posts must be approved by the deanery for GP training as part of a ‘balanced’ programme of training - paediatrics, general medicine, geriatrics, gynaecology and/or obstetrics, psychiatry and accident and emergency are examples of ‘A’ list posts. Further information regarding hospital specialties and general practice training can be found on www.pmetb.org.uk under Certification. On joining a GP specialist training programme you should register with the Royal College of General Practitioners.

GP Registrar posts:
The general practice component of your training is undertaken during the final 12 or 18 months of the training programme. This is based in an approved training practice under supervision of GP trainer. During the GPR placement you will complete a work based assessment process with your trainer as well as the 2 external components of the nMRCGP. More details of the examination can be found on the RCGP website www.rcgp.org.uk

As each hospital post is completed, you should receive a "statement of satisfactory completion". These forms are signed by the hospital consultant (clinical supervisor) to confirm the post has been completed satisfactorily and endorsed by the GP Programme Director and Deanery to confirm it is part of an approved programme.

You need to contact the PMETB for a Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT) when you have passed the nMRCGP.



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