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  The National Recruitment Office for GP Training

The Interview and Selection process

Do I have to accept the post if offered?
How can I demonstrate that I have achieved foundation competence?
How can I prepare for GP selection centre?
How do I book a place for Stage 2?
How does my Stage 2 score affect my application?
I am not able to take the Stage 2 assessment
I am not available to attend selection centre
I have not been short-listed. What can I do?
Information about Stage 3 assessments has been shared by candidates
What can I do if I am not successful?
What do I need to bring to Selection Centre?
What happens if I miss the closing date?
What is Enhanced Disclosure?
What is national clearing?
What psychometric analysis has been done on the short listing assessment?
When will I hear if I have been successful?
Will my travel expenses for attending the assessements be re-imbursed?




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