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Welcome to Recruitment for GP Specialty Training in Wales

The twelve district schemes in Wales offer a wide range of lifestyle opportunities. Some schemes are based in cosmopolitan centres with large hospitals, lively shopping centres and busy nightlife. Others are based in university and market towns, with vibrant student cultures, significant charm and strong artistic traditions. All are surrounded by outstanding scenery and in close proximity to all there are wonderful recreational opportunities. Wales is passionate about sport; and there are multiple opportunities to participate in and support a wide range of sports throughout the country. The coastline of Wales is renowned for its beautiful beaches, splendid cliff top views and excellent kayaking, sailing and surfing. Once they’ve experienced this coastline and Wales’ superb hill-walking trails and climbing challenges large numbers of visitors from around the world, return year after year.

GP specialty training in Wales is very well organised and resourced; emphasising both self and professional development and the fun side of learning; in tandem with excellent support for the now statutory UK wide membership examination of The Royal College of General Practitioners. Over the last few years, the motivation and energy abounding within the GP training community, and the enlightened support of The Welsh Assembly Government, have provided opportunities for innovation across the whole continuum of General Practice Education in Wales. Several novel and exciting higher professional education opportunities, unique to Wales, are now on offer to GPs as they emerge from specialty training.

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