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The Oxford Deanery is composed of three counties, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire. We have seven vocational training schemes covering the Chilterns and Cotswolds - Aylesbury, Banbury, Milton Keynes, Oxford, Reading & Newbury, Windsor and Wycombe. We have a range of training practices that serve both very rural areas and inner cities. It is a popular place to train, not only because of the high standard of training practices, but also the easy access to all other parts of the country. Whether you want to work and live in the countryside or in the city, both options are available in the oxford Deanery.

We aim to provide the highest standards of training for all our GP registrars. We believe we achieve this by having a very learner-centred approach to teaching. We have active day release courses for all the registrars. We have innovative posts in community obstetrics and terminal care and links with the Department of Primary Care at Oxford University to enable some registrars to undertake research as part of their training. We have also been able to get summative assessment credited for one third of a Masters degree for those registrars who want to pursue more formal qualifications when they qualify.

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