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The East of England Deanery extends from the Wash to the Thames. It covers historic cities such as Norwich and Cambridge, extensive rural areas and varied east coast towns from Great Yarmouth to Aldeburgh to Southend. It also includes inner city areas such as South Essex and Peterborough, 'new' towns such as Letchworth and Welwyn Garden City and leafy parts of rural Essex and Hertfordshire. There are good transport links to London and other key cities. We challenge anybody not to feel at home in the environment of at least one of the schemes on offer.

Tucked away far from the madding crowd, the former East Anglia Deanery co-ordinated the innovative approach of its individual schemes. The pioneering Ipswich scheme 35 years ago set a model of self-directed and supportive learning that is still relevant today and has influenced all the more recent schemes. Perhaps there was a danger we would rest on our laurels until we were propelled into the 21st century by our amalgamation with Essex and Hertfordshire. Now we combine innovation with consistent high standards for the delivery of education. And we thrive on constructive feedback from those in training.

There are a number of schemes offering programmes to suit the requirements of the applicant and some programmes include 18 months in general practice.

For more information including deanery contacts please visit the Deanery website



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